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Warehouse pallet racking for Amtico Flooring


The brief

To provide a pallet storage solution to Amtico with a view to matching the new product with an older, discontinued range of racking product that was already in place.


What the client said...

When asked about the project and how it was managed, Goods-In and Dispatch Manager, Mark Halls revealed:

"The department was awarded the opportunity to increase its pallet holding in what is really a very small space. With the patience and help of Tom and his team, we managed to achieve our target with room to spare - and one week ahead of schedule!"

"We spent lots of time planning and even revisited certain areas to re-think our options in order to come up with the most feasible and effective layout."

"The installation team were excellent too, we were in constant communication with them - always working ahead to keep the down time to a bare minimum."


Future work with Dalvie...

"Since the installation was completed we have used Dalvie Systems on one other project and have several more in the pipeline."

"I have no hesitation in recommending Tom, Shaun and the Dalvie team to anybody."


The result

Warehouse Pallet Racking for Amtico Flooring

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