Fully Enclosed Drum Sump - Suitable for 2 Horizontal Drums

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  • Safetly store away up to 2 470 litre drums which it designed to help conform with Environmental Duties of Care and Oil Storage Regulatios (England) 2001
  • Easily removable galvanised steel support grip for more storage area. 
  • The Drum sump have feautures such as a back, 2 sides, hinged roof, twin doors with lock, 2 keys for secure storage and pallet feet.
  • Sump is fully welded liquid tight fitted with drain plug and fork locators for easy movement 


  • Sump capacity is >125% of drum contents.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) - 1500mm x 1440mm x 1440mm

  • Lead time: 20-25 working days 
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