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Specialist deed rooms for PHS Records Management


The brief

To design and build a series of deed rooms for storing sensitive documents and CCTV footage. All of these rooms are to be built with temperature controlled settings, a state of the art fire extinguishing system, comprehensive electronic security and a P.I.R activated lighting system.


What the client said...

When asked about the project and his work with Dalvie Systems, Nick Burke, Commercial Director at PHS Records Management said:

"We've worked with Dalvie Systems on many projects over the years, some of which have included archive storage systems and perhaps most recently, the design and installation of temperature controlled, fire proof deed rooms at three of our sites."

"Each and every time, the team at Dalvie Systems have created a bespoke and successful solution with careful thought and consideration going into each project."


Nick Burke: "Why we chose Dalvie..."

"Having multiple sites which are situated all over the country, it was essential that our storage provider could assist and support us on a national scale - Dalvie offered complete flexibility in this area."

"When it came to our deed rooms we required a bespoke solution. The specification called for a temperature-controlled room with a four-hour fire rating and a gas suppression extinguishing system. Dalvie designed and installed our deed rooms ensuring that our documents would remain safe for up to four hours in the event of a fire. They also supplied us with an effective mobile, archive-shelving solution to make the most of the space provided."

"Exceptional service was another deciding factor which led us to choose Dalvie Systems as our preferred storage provider. Their friendly approach, attention to detail and ability to provide bespoke and unique solutions have led to the formation of a trusting relationship between our companies."


The result

Storage Solutions for PHS Records Management

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