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Office Refurbishment

A survey of office workers has revealed that they are more likely to be creative if they have access to different areas that support a variety of working styles. To help improve their experience and performance, Gensler's 2016 UK Workplace Survey asked 1,200 office workers, in 11 different industries, their views on the workplace.

 The consensus was that employers need to consider a new approach to office layouts, as efficient workplaces need to support individual and group work efforts. The majority of British workers surveyed were still using their desks for the majority of their work activities and this appeared to be detrimental to their performance.

 When provided with a greater variety of spaces that offered a choice of environments to suit their current task and working style, job satisfaction and ultimately performance was improved. The survey concluded that in order to engage and improve at all levels, companies needed to implement strategies that would match space to employees' needs.

 From private spaces to open-plan environments, Dalvie Systems will help you to develop your office space. Our bespoke solution will be purpose designed to benefit your company and the workforce's specific requirements.

 We will present our designs in CAD format and walk you through the complete design process, delivering your furniture and installing it. From a total refit, to a small selection of desks and chairs, to new dining furniture for the canteen area, we can provide the most effective solution.

 As part of the refurbishment process, our skilled team will also install partitioning and mezzanine floors, which will add multiple levels to your office space to increase the working area. We also provide a decorating service.

 With 53% of workers surveyed believing their productivity would increase if they were working in their ideal office environment, can you really afford not to pursue a refurbishment?

 Check out our online shop to see our extensive range of aesthetically-pleasing and functional furniture or contact us to request a free catalogue.

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