For safer and easier access to those out-of-reach items, we have a large selection of warehouse steps to suit every application.

Our range includes:

• Plastic and steel kick steps

• Spring loaded steps

• Warehouse mobile steps

• Narrow aisle spring loaded steps

• Easy-ride steps with platform

• Stainless steel wheel along steps

• Aluminium folding steps

Ideal for accessing hard to reach shelves, kick steps are typically used in a shop or office environment.  Available in red, blue, black or grey, the plastic kick steps are manufactured from high quality plastic and rubber. Complete with a snap-on lock for quick assembly, the steel kick steps come in black, red, grey, blue, yellow or green. Both kick-step options have three sprung-loaded polypropylene castors that retract when weight is applied.

Our warehouse mobile steps with hand lock anchorage are available in a choice of red or blue. The red steps come in a range of three-tread to 16-tread options. When locked, the front feet rest firmly on floor, as they are fitted with protective floor pads. The blue warehouse mobile steps have four-tread to 12-tread sizes. Choose from anti-slip, rubber or punched options.

Including an extra heavy duty stability-base model that is ideal for tough warehouse use, our easy-rise steps with platform come in many different sizes -supplied with a health and safety worksheet.

Perfect for those tighter spaces, the narrow aisle spring loaded steps can be used in a warehouse, storeroom or shop. Choose from anti-slip or rubber treads.

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